The largest problem someone is concerned about with varicose veins is their appearance on the skin. These veins are a very common condition and usually occur in the legs. They are veins that are swollen or twisted under the skin. In certain individuals, these veins can cause mild to moderate pain. They can also result in blood clots or skin ulcers. When the valves become weak in the veins, the blood will back up leading to swelling in the veins. Some veins can be treated with lifestyle changes or medical procedures. The purpose of varicose vein repair is to prevent complications and relieve the symptoms.

There is a possibility that these veins could be a sign of other medical problems. Telangiectasia’s is a cluster of blood vessels that could signal signs of a viral infection, liver disease or some other serious condition. Spider veins are just a smaller version of the larger veins. These veins give the appearance of a spider web and are not a serious medical concern. Varicose veins in the pelvic area in men are called Varicoceles. This type of condition can cause infertility in men and a vascular surgeon should be seen as soon as possible.

The veins in the legs work against gravity to send the blood back to the heart. Over time, the elasticity can become weak or damaged. The valve in the vein can separate and the blood will flow backwards filling the vein. When this occurs, the vein will become bigger than it was. This is also when the vein can become twisted in the leg. A vascular surgeron or vascular medicine specialist is the best type of doctor to visit about these veins. They can perform a physical examination and perform an ultrasound to determine the blood flow through the veins.

If veins cannot be corrected through lifestyle changes, the doctor will recommend vein repair be performed. Blood clots can become very dangerous traveling through the bloodstream. A surgeon will either repair the vein or eliminate it to stop the problem from occurring. Sclerotherapy uses a liquid chemical that will close the vein. Micrschlerotherapy treats spider veins. A very small amount of liquid is injected into the veins. Laser surgery does not involve any type of incision or chemical as part of the procedure. The laser light helps the smaller veins to fade. Whatever type of problem is occurring with the veins in your legs, arms or face, visit a vascular doctor and let them determine the best course of treatment to eliminate these unsightly veins.